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May. 12th, 2015 @ 08:33 pm
There is no deletion from the all seeing eye of the protector.

Final Notice Jun. 30th, 2010 @ 10:44 am

Consider this notice that this site will no longer be updated as a blog. WordPress 3 is nifty, sure. But the constant error messages I see in the admin interface are annoying and don’t look like they’re easily fixed by someone who doesn’t have much time to waste on something that was always a hobby to see if I could do it.

The Wiki will remain online since I actually have found personal use for it and how little it complains. But this WordPress installation will be taken offline in a few weeks.

Please adjust your viewing devices to point to my Tumblr page. LiveJournal friends of mine are advised to update your means of keeping up with me, that is if you haven’t neglected to read my page like I’ve probably also neglected yours.

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Facebook community at odds with itself May. 28th, 2010 @ 04:59 pm

INFOGRAPHIC: The History Of Facebook’s Default Privacy Settings.

Some Facebook users are upset that the default settings are to allow more and more people visible access to your details. And other users or non-users are upset that Facebook wants to keep things secret until you join their “walled garden”. The problem is that the first group don’t understand the history of the internet already being open and available to everyone, and the second group is mistaking Facebook’s intention for the intentions of it’s paranoid users.

I used to have a Facebook account when it started. I didn’t like the fact that at the time it required a .edu email address and at that time I was working for my alma mater and didn’t want to create a profile that would link my otherwise nonsense username to my actual persona (not that I fought too hard to prevent it). So I signed up, added a bunch of college and high school friends I never talked to after classes ended.

But I got fed up with people “poking” me (because it’s a non-communication that never starts a real conversation) and all these “friends” who really didn’t keep me in their life as much I did them in mine. So I deleted my account (after changing my password to a random string!) and called it quits.

Well, then I bought an iPad, and there’s a game or two that I wanted to see if there was any advantage to having all these trendy social networks linked into. So I signed back up to the FB, listed my present girlfriend, reconnected with a few people I actually wanted to talk to on the service, and gave it a second try.

Difference is that today I view Facebook as a gimmick rather than a destination or a primary means of communication. I think as a network, it’s just fine. So is the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. But just like those two, I don’t make much of a fuss about those services’ involvement in my life, and I can get on with it all.

Personally, I could care less about people who aren’t smart enough to not answer questions that they wouldn’t want the public knowing. The Onion put it well, Facebook is the new place for your parents (or anyone) to stalk you.

Facebook, Twitter Revolutionizing How Parents Stalk Their College …

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Freestanding Modern Bathtubs May. 28th, 2010 @ 01:35 pm

Nested tubs separated by a layer of pebbles.

Being so porous, I really want to know how this design would attract or repel microorganisms living in that rock sponge layer.

Soaking in Style: 6 Freestanding Modern Bathtub Designs | Designs & Ideas on Dornob.

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Human-Cyborg Relations May. 28th, 2010 @ 01:13 pm

I think the reason why Jartron has such personality, and more to the point, charisma is that it looks vaguely human like while being entirely alien at the same time. The other robot with a moving “head”, Robie the Robot, also has a bit of this. Having a neck that separates the head from the body really sells the idea that this thing isn’t a bug, I think.

But Jartron is just so cobbled together intentionally, that I have a hard time believing that any designer could have intended from the start to make me think that their robot would be a space-man, a baby, a puppy, and be incredibly entertaining despite being terrible at walking.

It reminds me of the project where someone mounted a small motor and battery in a cardboard box made to look like a happy robot with a note attached asking to be helped in the right direction by strangers. It had no on-board logic other than “ON” and it’s pathfinding ability was provided entirely by willing passers who generally helped it more than set it on the wrong course.

Make: Online : Make: Robot Build: Robot round-up.

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Other entries
» Non-Issues in the News: FSF is upset at Apple

Wow, an open-source organization is upset at a company that likes to keep at least some of its technology proprietary?

FSF: Apple’s iTunes Store terms of service at odds with GPL.

In short, Ars Technica reports that the Free Software Foundation is upset at both a developer and Apple over a difference of opinion in whose responsibility it is to distribute source code and what the end user is allowed to do with pre-compiled code. The GPL says that the user must have access to the modified source code and that the user is allowed to do what they please with it.

I think this is largely a non-issue, because if the developer of an iPhone OS app makes use and modifies some previously released GPL code, then the burden should be on them to make that new code available. Further, Apple as a host or mirror for the software should be largely uninvolved in disputes over GPL software because they had no hand in the modification of any given piece of code in an iPhone OS app.

Does the GPL prevent developers from building proprietary products that include GPL code as a subset? Does the GPL require that developers who use unmodified code mirror those files? Who polices the GPL and sticks up for it? How could anyone tell that a developer used and modified any GPL code other than by that developer’s admission?

Regardless of those answers, I don’t see the point of getting upset.

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» Convertible Custom-Height Benches

At first this looks like a cool, quirky idea, but since you can tell that each portion can be higher or lower than any other given portion, then you have a large set of hydraulic scissors. Sure, your leg-stumps may be a bit ragged, but with enough force, a lowering table would be able to reduce your future shoe and slacks spending.

Hidden DIY Hydraulics: Convertible Custom-Height Benches | Designs & Ideas on Dornob.

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» Old games on sale, sort of.

Aspyr, the company that ports popular Windows based games to the Mac has emailed me a special offer that Sims 2 is only $19.99 with expansion packs set at $9.99 each.

Sims 2, not the newer Sims 3, but the second game is still on sale. A six-year old game is available as an à la carte model of ten bucks a chunk, with the base game being twice that.

I guess though, if you’re a shut-in who only owns a PPC Mac, this might be a good deal. But I gave up on the Sims after my 20-hour play session punctuated in ruining a father’s life like the mad god I’d be; driving him into madness after refusing to build a door on his home which meant their children were sent to boarding school and his wife died of starvation after praying to me to buy them more than a single-bed, a toilet, a swimming pool, or a second room on the house.

In hindsight, there’s very little electronic entertainment that can deliver that much fun at $50 for a brand new game.

Sims 2 Deal of the Week.

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» Apple – Why You’ll Love a Mac – A Mac is the ultimate upgrade.

Apple – Why You’ll Love a Mac – A Mac is the ultimate upgrade..

The roll-over grid is brilliant. Even when two headlines are pressed next to eachother, they form a new sentence that explains one with the next.

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» Cuisinart Griddler Grill, Griddle & Panini Press | Williams-Sonoma

Cuisinart Griddler Grill, Griddle & Panini Press | Williams-Sonoma.

There is no uniform sense of scale in this photo. How big is the press? How big is that plate? What on earth is she grill-pressing right now?

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