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I think the reason why Jartron has such personality, and more to the point, charisma is that it looks vaguely human like while being entirely alien at the same time. The other robot with a moving “head”, Robie the Robot, also has a bit of this. Having a neck that separates the head from the body really sells the idea that this thing isn’t a bug, I think.

But Jartron is just so cobbled together intentionally, that I have a hard time believing that any designer could have intended from the start to make me think that their robot would be a space-man, a baby, a puppy, and be incredibly entertaining despite being terrible at walking.

It reminds me of the project where someone mounted a small motor and battery in a cardboard box made to look like a happy robot with a note attached asking to be helped in the right direction by strangers. It had no on-board logic other than “ON” and it’s pathfinding ability was provided entirely by willing passers who generally helped it more than set it on the wrong course.

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