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Old games on sale, sort of. - Striving to be immutable even if useless

About Old games on sale, sort of.

Previous Entry Old games on sale, sort of. May. 25th, 2010 @ 01:49 pm Next Entry

Aspyr, the company that ports popular Windows based games to the Mac has emailed me a special offer that Sims 2 is only $19.99 with expansion packs set at $9.99 each.

Sims 2, not the newer Sims 3, but the second game is still on sale. A six-year old game is available as an à la carte model of ten bucks a chunk, with the base game being twice that.

I guess though, if you’re a shut-in who only owns a PPC Mac, this might be a good deal. But I gave up on the Sims after my 20-hour play session punctuated in ruining a father’s life like the mad god I’d be; driving him into madness after refusing to build a door on his home which meant their children were sent to boarding school and his wife died of starvation after praying to me to buy them more than a single-bed, a toilet, a swimming pool, or a second room on the house.

In hindsight, there’s very little electronic entertainment that can deliver that much fun at $50 for a brand new game.

Sims 2 Deal of the Week.

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